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Taveuni Island, Fiji

This is a private sale of 2 adjoining acreage lots located on Taveuni Island, Fiji.  Both rare properties close to the waterfront are now available for sale.

Each lot is approximately one acre in size and exclusively located on the Coast Road within the Taveuni Estates development, opposite the coastline.  Click here for the location map

These are the LAST properties available for sale on the Coast Road within the Estate.

Use the form provided to request further information about these properties or to make an offer.


Purchase price is negotiable.


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FOR SALE - Unit 5 Lot 35 & Lot 36

This is a rare chance to own a slice of the South Pacific on Taveuni Island, Fiji.  Purchase individually or make an offer for both of them together to create a large Estate

Both properties are located on the Coast Road within the Taveuni Estates integrated tourism development who offer the following services and facilities to all property owners in exchange for a Service Charge of approximately FJD 2,000 per year (or USD 900):


  • Fresh unmetered spring water, piped to each lot from a mountain spring.

  • Taveuni Estates Clubhouse, including ocean front golf course with tennis courts and a swimming pool.

  • Twice weekly refuse removal service.

  • Maintenance of 36 kms of sealed roads, verges and public open spaces, which allow for freedom of movement around the Estate.

Download Estate Masterplan Map

Download Unit 5 Map

Unit 5 Lot 35 - Info

DP Number

Lot Number

CT Number

Lot Size


Download Title Extract

DP # 4914 (Unit # 5)

Lot # 1 (Lot # 35)

CT # 28411 (Freehold Residential)

3 Roods, 35 Perches + 1/10 Perch

150 to 200 foot

Unit 5 Lot 36 - Info

DP Number

Lot Number

CT Number

Lot Size


Download Title Extract

DP # 4914 (Unit # 5)

Lot # 2 (Lot # 36)

CT # 28412 (Freehold Residential)

3 Roods, 34 Perches + 9/10 Perch

150 to 200 foot


The heart of the South Pacific, Fiji is blessed with 333 tropical islands that are home to happiness.  The main island Vitu Levu contains the capital Suva in the east and Nadi (pronounced "Nandi") on the west coast. Nadi is the location of the international airport where holiday visitors arrive. From Nadi travellers make their way to accommodation on this island or transfer to the smaller islands, often after an overnight stay on Vitu Levu. Taveuni Island is the third largest island of the Fiji group.


One of the reasons for Fiji's popularity as a holiday destination is the beautiful climate of this region. Temperatures are always between 26 to 30 degrees with the favoured time of year for travel from around April to October, those being the cooler months. There is always a cool tropical breeze and the water temperatures are always perfect.

The wet season occurs from December to March and can bring heavy rain. Tropical cyclones have also been common in recent years around this time.

Average Air Temperatures:

23 – 30°C / 73 – 86°F
Average Water Temperatures:

27 – 29°C / 80 – 84°F


Average Air Temperature:

20 – 26°C / 68 – 79°F
Average Water Temperatures:

25 – 27°C / 77 – 80°F


Fiji’s third largest island, Taveuni is known as the Garden Island for good reason: Lush jungle, gorgeous beaches, secluded waterfalls and abundant wildlife make Taveuni an eco-tourist's dream.

Bouma National Heritage Park which makes up more than a third of the island is rich with hiking trails and wildlife and is home to more than 100 species of birds, including Kula Lorikeets, Silktails and Orange Doves. Marine life is equally abundant at the nearby Rainbow Reef and Somosomo Strait, where up-close encounters with colourful corals and over 1500 fish species will provide the diving experience of a lifetime.


On the Estate, there is the Taveuni Estates Clubhouse available to all property owners. The Clubhouse is located on a beautiful ocean front golf course with tennis courts and a swimming pool. 

The International Date Line runs directly through the back of the Estate, so you can jump the 180 Meridian to experience the same day twice or avoid it altogether.


Also located on the Estate is a boutique hotel, Taveuni Dive Resort with excellent restaurant, bar and swimming pool all of which residents use on a daily basis. It is an excellent place to stay for prospective land or house purchasers.  http://www.taveunidiveresort.com/

There are several shops within 15 minutes drive of Taveuni Estates. The main shopping centre is situated at Naqara. The shops (including hardware), stock most provisions, catering for Taveuni’s ever expanding ex-pat community.

Taveuni has a selection of great resorts dotted around the coastline, with most clustered at the northern tip of the island near Matei airport. Many specialise in nature retreats and diving activities for their guests.


There are numerous companies running charters and excursions in and around the island. From sailing to bird-watching, hiking and cultural activities, there are a multitude of ways to make the most of exploring this island paradise.


You can get to Taveuni by either air or water, as the island is serviced by regular flights and ferries departing from Viti Levu each week. 


Fiji’s international airports are situated in Nadi and Suva on the island of Viti Levu. It is serviced by over 100 international flights per week.


Direct flights are operated from and to Australia, New Zealand, Los Angeles and Hawaii Hong Kong, China. USA Mainland, Canada and many others with easy connections.


Choice of international carriers include:

Fiji Airways (Fiji’s International Airline), www.airpacific.com
Pacific Blue (Operated by Virgin) www.pacificblue.com.au
Air New Zealand www.airnz.co.nz


Taveuni is easily accessible with 6 flights daily arriving from the main island. Flight time from Nadi is one hour, fifteen minutes and just 45 minutes from Suva.


Choice of domestic carriers include:

Pacific Sun - Air Pacific’s domestic airline service– www.pacificsun.com.fj

Fiji Airways www.fijiairways.com
Northern Airwww.northernair.com.fj


  • After inspection of the Lots (if required), we would jointly employ the services of a local legal and conveyancing firm who know and understand the Estate.

  • The solicitors will draw up the standard Sales and Purchase Agreement along with the Deed of Covenant for both parties to execute.

  • If in the case of a foreign purchaser or more than 1 acre is sold (ie purchase of both lots), the solicitors will seek Ministerial Consent for the purchase.

  • The free and clear title along with the funds for the purchase and statutory costs will be held by legal firm in Escrow until transfer is completed.

In Fiji freehold or land tenure is via a Torrens title land-registration system with the title guaranteed constitutionally by the State.

​There are three types of land in Fiji: freehold, native lease land, and crown lease land.

  • Freehold property can be bought and sold freely in most areas of Fiji. Only about 8% of all land in Fiji is freehold.

  • Native land can be leased but never owned. Leases are usually for a period of 99 years and monitored by the TLTB (iTaukei Land Trust Board where the right to exclusively occupy land for a period of time is granted).

  • Crown land is owned by the Fiji Government which can be leased directly from the government in certain areas of Fiji.

Fiji’s Land Sales Act changes in 2014 only restricts ownership of freehold land inside a city or town council boundaries areas to Fijian citizens.


Foreigners are still allowed to purchase, sell, or lease freehold land for industrial or commercial purposes, residential purposes within an "integrated tourism development", or for the operation of a hotel licensed under the Hotel and Guest Houses Act.

Send a message on the form above for further information or to make an offer today!

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